On Feb. 28th, a new professional grappling event hit the St. Louis area. Respect-1, as it was appropriately named, pitted some of the best grapplers in the Midwest against each other in fifteen super-fight matches, eight of which were black belt bouts.  Held in the Kemp Auto Museum, the atmosphere at Respect-1 was classy and upscale. The combatants faced each other on a raised, matted platform surrounded by classic cars.  In addition, the crowd was enthusiastic and educated on the sport of BJJ.  


Professor Watson faced a seasoned black belt in Piet Wilhelm of Triton Fight Center in Tulsa, OK.  Kyle quickly got the match to the ground with a takedown and passed the guard shortly after.  While he tried several submission attempts, Piet’s defense was solid so Kyle had to settle for a victory by points with a score of 5-0.  The event was very well received and Respect-2 is in the works for the the Summer of 2015. Professor Watson is looking forward to being involved with this event again, and he would like to thank his sponsors for their support, FLUXK and NeoCell.