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No, all experience levels are welcome and no previous experience is required.  Our Basics and Fundamentals classes are designed for beginners to jump right in and feel welcome.

No, there is no prerequisite fitness level. We often hear people say they will come in when they get in better shape, but the good news is that you will get in shape by doing the classes in addition to learning the art. So don’t let your fitness level hold you back. We help you go at the right pace, so you will improve without risk of injury

If you are brand new to the martial arts, just wear comfortable gym clothes (no metal like zippers or jewelry), and there is no equipment necessary while you are just checking things out. Most people wear shorts and a t-shirt. If you have prior experience and you have your own equipment (i.e. Jiu-Jitsu uniform, boxing gloves, etc.), just bring what you have and the instructor will let you know what you will need for class that day.

We allow any brand, but we ask that they be white, blue, or black.

Yes, we have spacious locker rooms with bathrooms, showers and plenty of shelves for your gear.

Sometimes people feel more comfortable trying something new when they have a friend to partner up with. In addition, it’s easier to stick to a new hobby when you have a friend to help keep you motivated. However, you are welcome to come by yourself as well. With our friendly and welcoming environment you will feel at home right away and make several new friends.

Absolutely! If you feel more comfortable seeing what our classes are like before participating, feel free to come watch first. We have a sitting area with benches, water fountains, and restrooms where you can make yourself at home while observing class. On the other hand, if you would like to try class on your first visit, you are welcome to do that as well, and we will help you settle right in.

We like to mix things up to keep it exciting, but a typical class will start off with a brief warm-up. Sometimes the warm up will be calisthenic-type movements. Other times it will be a functional warm up where we incorporate movements that will be used during the technique portion of the class. Then the bulk of the class will be spent performing techniques that the instructor demonstrates. The instructor will monitor and help you drill the moves correctly until you are able to perform them without help. Finally, the class will usually conclude with a period where you perform the same techniques but with increased intensity and potentially more resistance from your partner. This allows you to get accustomed to executing the movements against an active opponent.

We have an enclosed parking lot in front of and to the left of the building that you are welcome to use. In addition, street parking is free on all the blocks surrounding the gym.

Yes, we offer several class options throughout the week. In addition, we have a variety of membership options to accommodate different schedules and budgets. After you have checked out your first FREE class, we would be happy to sit down with you and walk through these options.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a youth program. We currently provide instruction for adults only (18 and up). We hope to have a youth program at some point in the future.

We have members ranging from age 18 to those in their 50’s, and all ages in between. Don’t let age hold you back from the many benefits martial arts has to offer.

This answer is variable depending on an individual’s availability and fitness level. Like many sports, someone who practices more often, will typically improve faster. However, if you are not accustomed to this type of training or need to improve your fitness level, you might start off only training a couple days per week and then build up to more sessions as your body becomes adjusted to the new demands you’re placing on it. Also, some people might have a demanding schedule between family, work, or school. However at our gym, we help you improve at the pace that works best for your body and schedule.

We do have members who compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts events. However, the amount of people who compete make up a small percentage of our student body. We do feel that competition does have many positive benefits, but we also understand that it is not for everyone. Therefore, no one is ever pushed in that direction. However, if at some point you decide you would like to compete, let our instructors know and we would be glad to help you get prepared. Otherwise, we just want you to enjoy the arts without putting pressure on yourself.

This depends on a variety of things like how often you train, if you have any prior experience, etc. Also, the length of time can vary based on the sport you would like to compete in. For example, you might want to train longer before doing an MMA competition since it requires an understanding of multiple disciplines and not just one. In general your coaches will know if you are ready, so be sure to ask what they think. We want our students to have the best chance of performing well and learning from the experience, so we emphasize proper preparation.

We have several instructors available for private lessons (dependent on scheduling times). While we don’t think your learning should be solely made up of private instruction, one-on-one sessions can accelerate your progress and greatly complement the group classes. In addition, the lessons are tailored to your needs. If you are interested in private training, just reach out to our staff for more information.

There are fewer belts in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than many traditional martial arts. Adults start with a white belt which is then followed by blue, purple, brown, and then black. Within each belt color, skill is typically differentiated by stripes (or degrees). Typically a student will achieve multiple stripes on each belt before progressing to the next belt color. As far as the length of time and skill set required to achieve the next degree or belt, this varies from school to school. It also depends on a variety of factors like how often the member trains, whether they are demonstrating noticeable improvement, etc. At our academy, we take pride in helping students truly earn their rank through encouragement, technical instruction, and a positive learning environment. While many new members are concerned with how quickly they achieve the next rank, we encourage an attitude of enjoying the learning process. This approach is more beneficial in the long run because improvement becomes the main focus, and rank advancement becomes more rewarding because it is earned. Muay Thai Kickboxing does not have a belt system.

Once you join the team you will want to have your own equipment to fully participate in the classes. For example, you will need a uniform (called a Gi) for Jiu-Jitsu, and you will likely want to get boxing gloves, hand wraps and shin guards for Muay Thai.  We have all of the needed gear available in our pro-shop at discounted prices. The great thing is that you can try on the gear to make sure it fits and avoid shipping costs. We can also help advise you on proper sizing.

We do have showers. If you decide to use them, please bring your own soap and towel and be sure to take all of your belongings with you when you are done. Also, please be respectful of others who might be waiting to use the showers and try to limit your shower time to 5-10 minutes.

A clean, safe training environment is a priority to us! We vacuum and disinfect the mats every day (sometimes twice).

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