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No-Gi is the common term for Jiu-Jitsu without the uniform. You will utilize many of the same concepts as the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, but the grips are different since you do not have a uniform to grab. Typical attire is shorts and a t-shirt. You will learn many of the same Jiu-Jitsu techniques, but in addition, you will learn wrestling takedowns as well. We believe that if you want to be good at a martial art that primarily takes place on the ground, it’s important for you to dictate how things get to the floor. We learn takedowns in all our grappling classes, but we put more of a heavy emphasis on it in this particular class. If someone is brand new to grappling we typically have them do our Basics class for a few months before attending No-Gi, so they have a good foundation to start with.

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