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I’ve been training with Kyle for several years now. In that time I’ve met many other instructors and trained across the globe. What sets Watson martial arts above the rest is Kyle’s constant drive to improve himself, his school, and instill that drive in his students. I am proud to say this because it is objectively true and not because I merely “want” where I train to be perceived as the best. Kyle also surrounds himself with other great instructors to supplement his programs. If you are looking to train, come try it out. If you’ve always wanted to try Bjj or Muay Thai, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better environment in which to learn and grow; both as a martial artist and a person! (Keith S.)

You cannot pick a better place to begin training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! It took me over 7 years after being sexually assaulted to work up the courage to start training, and I know I picked the right school. Everyone I have met – Kyle, the staff, the students, and the other instructors – is genuinely kind and down to earth and have made what could have been a very intimidating experience truly welcoming and empowering for me. Every day I learn something new and I try to improve – I’m excited to keep improving and maybe even compete one day! (Kristen B.)

Watson Martial Arts is a great place to train grappling or striking if you are in the Saint Louis area. What’s awesome about Kyle’s style of instruction is that his brand of Jiu-Jitsu works in the gi, in no-gi, and in MMA, all at the highest levels of competition in the world. Its the perfect place to train whether you want to be the next BJJ world champion, make your MMA debut or just want to get in better shape and learn a new art while making new friends. Kyle has done a great job of bringing in friendly, respectful people into his gym who are genuinely interested in helping you become better. Plus his gym is huge with plenty of mat space, bathrooms and showers. Make sure to stop by if you are in the area! (Ryan R.)

Absolutely one the best places to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in St Louis! At first you come to learn BJJ but end up staying for the family! This will quickly become your favorite place to be. (Natalie P.)

I joined the gym at 36 years old and was able to participate fully in all the programs offered. There is a great set of instructors who pay attention to detail and truly care for their students of all levels. The people that train here are friendly and welcoming. Good workouts, great technique and good people make this a truly unique place. The facility is large, new and kept very clean. I can also say that the instruction is backed by results; I started competing in BJJ shortly after training and was successful in obtaining multiple medals, but more importantly frequently found myself efficiently hitting techniques I had just learned in class. Highly recommend this place without any hesitations. (Jose M.)

What a great place. I started taking the Muay Thai boxing class as a newbie, and it’s such a fun experience and of course, a great work out. I was really nervous at first since I’ve never done it before, but everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The owner is great and laid-back, and will try to accommodate what you’re looking for in a class/gym. SO much fun, and I recommend it to anyone who is trying to stay fit but wants something different and challenging. (Catherine L.)

I couldn’t say anything but great things about these guys at Watson’s Martial Arts! Kyle is very humble and welcoming to everyone, his students are very respectful and helpful, and the overall environment is top notch! I 100% recommend them to anyone in that area! (Jonathon H.)

Cannot say enough about this place. A true standard of excellence is upheld here. Kyle’s curriculum for both grappling/BJJ and Muay Thai are perfect for competitors, non competitors, and those who are new to MMA. The separation of fundamental and advanced classes allows beginners to focus properly on their skill development before being thrown into an advanced setting. The quality of instruction for BJJ and Muay Thai are second to none, and the community atmosphere Kyle has fostered is unmatched. It truly breaks my heart to have left this place due to moving, but rest assured I will be back, and I will take the stripes earned under Kyle, continue rise in rank, and make him proud. (Kyle G.)

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