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Whether training for fun, training to fight, or looking for a great workout, Jason Ciluffo is the best choice for striking instruction. He brings a level of intensity and knowledge that makes his kickboxing classes second to none!


Jason began practicing boxing and various martial arts at the young age of 15.  He began training in Shudokan Karate under Sensei Roy Stout. He quickly earned his brown belt in under a year and decided to begin training in Western-style Kickboxing. At age 17, Jason was introduced to Muay Thai Kickboxing by legendary martial artist and trainer, Ron Smith.  After finding a passion for the sport, Jason began fighting at 19 and quickly rose to the #2 contender in 1999. During his career he also practiced in other martial arts such as Kali, Sambo, and Combat Judo.



Using his knowledge of other martial arts, Jason coordinates different styles of training and techniques to give a unique and well-rounded perspective of the art of Muay Thai. This style of training also translates well to the ever growing sport of mixed martial arts. Throughout his career, Jason has trained and cornered many Muay Thai and MMA champions, and has worked extensively with several fighters in the UFC, Strikeforce, and other major fight organizations.


(The video below is a brief demo of coach Ciluffo holding pads at our old academy)




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