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If you are not yet a member of our gym, then you agree to the following rules, regulations and assumption of risk by continuing to enter into the gym, whether you intend to participate in gym activities or observe gym activities. Furthermore, you agree to sign our standard release agreement prior to observing or participating in gym activities.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people with any of the following symptoms or combination of symptoms may have Covid-19 and should not come to the gym:

  • Cough,
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
  • fever,
  • chills,
  • repeated shaking with chills,
  • muscle pain,
  • headache,
  • sore throat, and/or
  • newly lost taste or smell.

Furthermore, if you have had recent contact with anyone exhibiting such symptoms or have traveled abroad in the past two weeks, we ask that you do not enter the gym.

Droplets exhaled during exercise can travel up to twelve (12) feet, so it is important to limit possible exposure. You understand that it is difficult for a face mask to remain in place during martial arts activities. However, to the extent that the gym’s martial arts activities allow you to wear a mask, we request that you wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth while you are in the gym except when you are in the showers. For your safety, we also recommend that you:

  • Try to work with the same training partner throughout each class and try to limit overall training partners to the same people (1-3 max if possible) in the first few weeks back in training. This might take a little coordination on your part.
  • Wash your hands with soap/water or hand sanitizer using CDC-recommended hand washing procedures every time you touch a surface, before class, after class and as often as you can.
  • Wash your gear/belt right after every training session.
  • Come in right before class and try to leave right after to limit contact and congregating.


  • Use hand sanitizer prior to proceeding into the gym.
  • Wash your uniform and/or training gear after every training session. Don’t be the stinky person or get anyone sick!
  • Do not go into the bathroom barefoot. Please slip on your shoes first.
  • Use the locker rooms or showers for changing. A shirt/pants are required for any other areas in the gym.
  • If you bleed on the mat or any other place in the gym, please ask for appropriate cleaning products and clean it up right away.
  • Between classes, allow the gym time to sanitize each mat before stepping on the mat.
  • Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed short to avoid scratching or cutting anyone.
  • If you are ill, even if you do not think it is COVID-19, please take a few days off to recover so you do not get anyone else at the gym sick. Please see the COVID-19 policies. 
  • If you notice any skin conditions, please seek medical attention and do not train until it has cleared up to prevent spreading anything at the gym.
  • Cover any wounds or cuts with proper bandages.


  • Be humble and show respect to everyone!!!
  • Wear shoes at all times in all areas, except the mats. When ready to enter the matted area, please place shoes on the designated cubby.
  • Do not wear any jewelry or metal while training or wear any clothing with metal such as zippers.
  • If you show up late, please try to pick up where we are at. It is not fair to the other students if the instructor has to take away time from them to repeat the instructions.
  • Please listen quietly when instruction is being given by coaches.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • In Jiu-Jitsu, tap early and tap often. Learning is the goal. Injury is the enemy!
  • If your partner taps or you even think they might have tapped, stop applying the submission. There is no reason to risk an injury.
  • Please be aware of what moves/submissions are legal for your skill level. If you are unsure, ask the coach before attempting. We do not want anyone to get injured because of a position they don’t understand.
  • Be open-minded and learn from the students who have more experience.
  • After you have been around for a while, be a good role model and help the new folks. You remember how tough it can be when you’re the new person so be a good mentor and help those with less experience.
  • Please be sure to take all of your belongings when you leave the gym (i.e. gear, mouthpiece, clothes, water bottles, etc.)
  • If you are a member of the gym, please be sure to have all the proper equipment needed for the classes you attend. The loaner equipment that the gym provides is intended only for guests who are trying out the gym.
  • If you use any of the gym loaner equipment, please do following:
    • Thai Pads/Mitts/Gloves: Spray with deodorizer, put glove deodorizers inside gloves, and connect the velcro on all pads and gloves and put them back where they go.
    • Gi’s/belts: Place them in the laundry hamper.
    • Use hand sanitizer after use of any loaner gloves and/or gym equipment.


  • You understand that our martial arts activities are physically and mentally intense.
  • You understand and agree that any type of fitness activities involve skills and training which include violent and sudden movements.
  • In connection with our martial arts training and instruction, there will be violent physical contact between instructors and participants and between and among participants and that such contact may result in personal injury or illness to you, which may even result in permanent disability or death, despite precautions taken to avoid such injuries or illness.
  • Because there is the possibility of being injured, contracting an illness, becoming permanently disabled or dying as a result of your participation in the activities performed at the this gym, YOU KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF OTHERS, AND ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN OUR PROGRAMS.
  • You understand these posted rules and regulations set forth above and that they exist for your safety and the safety of others. You understand and agree that strict observation of our posted rules and regulations relative to physical training and hygiene, including the use of protective equipment for protection from bodily injury, disease and illness, is mandatory. 
  • These posted rules and regulations are both posted at our gym (front door) and online at http://www.watsonbjj.com/new-members/ and http://www.watsonbjj.com/current-members/
  • You understand that no list of restrictions, guidelines or practices will remove all of the risk of exposure to possible illness such as COVID-19 because such an illness can be transmitted by persons who are asymptomatic and before some people show signs of infection or understand that they are infected. You acknowledge that all of the aforementioned risks have been disclosed to you, you knowingly assume these risks by entering our gym and by continuing to participate in or observe these martial arts programs, and Watson Martial Arts LLC disclaims any liability to you as a result of your participation in or observation of the our martial arts programs. You specifically understand and agree that you are assuming the risk of any and all injuries, illnesses, disabilities and/or death that you may suffer or incur as a result of your observation of and/or the participation in any program offered by our gym.
  • In case of an emergency, you hereby authorize any licensed medical personnel to perform any medical assistance deemed necessary and you agree to bear the expense of any such treatment. You may choose to cease any activity and vacate this gym at any time during your participation and/or observation, but you will notify the present instructor prior to your cessation and departure.
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